Monday, March 16

The 5x5 "Homefry" Collection

Good morning my beautiful brides and blog stalkers!

Introducing the new 5x5 one-sided linen greeting! If you get my monthly newsletter or if you've received snail mail from me in the past 2 weeks, you've seen this up close and personal. They are SO fun!

They come in packs of 25 with envelopes and a linen-textured finish.
{Yes, you can still write on them. A ball point pen will do.}

We can customize them into your personalized save the dates or just ordinary greeting cards, if that suits your fancy.

Email me or give me a holler for pricing info and adding them on to your package.

If you book a family, engagement or children's portrait session, I'll throw these in. ;)

Offer expires March 20, 2009.
Get'em while they're hot!

{Engagement session tomorrow! Be looking out for some fabulous photos of Leah and Milton.
This romantic couple booked me in Feb 2008 and their wedding is Nov 2009! Wowee!}


Anonymous said...

What can I say? We like to plan early.
I remember going back home after the Bridal Extravaganza of 08 and checking the websites from the many photographer cards.
Your photographs just stuck out for me and I showed Leah and she was impressed. I was shocked that we could get that kind of package with such a quality photographer for that price!
You weren't even on our original list, but that's probably because you weren't there and your husband was passing out the cards.
We came back and met you the following day and we knew for sure.
I remember telling Leah, watch in a year, this photographer will get booked quickly, her prices will go up because of the demand.
We've enjoyed watching the photos from all the happy couples from this past year. Hopefully, we'll look just as cute and happy as them.

Kelly said...

Aw I love this one. My mom insisted on a front shot so you could see our faces for the save the dates, but this pic was one of my secret faves.

carli said...

Kelly, and as you can tell, it's one of mine too. ;)