Thursday, April 9

36th Street Events {Shout Out!}

Back in February I had the immense pleasure of working with the wedding coordinator Bethany Childress and her crew from 36th Street Events. In addition to Sandra and Nelson's beautifully perfect wedding day, Bethany really made the day flow swell.

To my present and potential brides-- a wedding coordinator is worth every single penny you can provide! You know how stressful it is to plan a wedding but do you really have any idea how stressful it is the day of the wedding trying to make sure the flowers arrive on time, the cake gets put properly in it's place, the programs are handed out, etc etc etc. A wedding coordinator can help you dance (laugh!) through your wedding day! No stress required.

Bethany posted a blog on Sandra and Nelson, said some incredible things about {inkedFingers} ;) and provided some great wedding-day tips! Go check it out:

Thank you Bethany! Can't wait to work with you guys in the near future!!

Much Love,

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