Sunday, April 12

Baby, It's Dark Outside

No tripod. Just me and my baby... and a full moon.
And flashlight.

Johnny obviously has a steadier hand than I!

(And that's writing my name backwards with my left hand! ha! ;)


in_a_blink photography said...

ugh! i know it HAS been too long! the only thing i've shot lately is a friend's bridals and i can't post them until after the big day! (june 6th). but, have no fear - i'm photograping some engagements may 9th (as well as attending a wedding the same day!).

i'm also planning on taking my camera with me to the pasta dinner and other events surrounding the OKC Memorial Marathon!

Princess Selina said...

Wow! That looks soooo cool Carli! I wanna write my name with a flashlight. =)

Leah Dahms said...

All of those are cool, but the last one is AWESOME!!!

carli said...

@mary- what are the dates of your run again??? post more photos! ;)
@ selina and leah- THANKS lovelies! I want to start doing some fun stuff like this during e-shoots or maybe even weddings!! yay!