Friday, April 10

Chandra + Wes {Sneak Peek!}

Dear Chandra and Wes,

I realize my Mt Bonnell incident cut our e-session short (!) but you both still tried to stay positive. wow! Thank you!

So... I can't wait for this coming Wednesday to finish off our fun! Here's a little sneaky peeky of last Sunday. Keep in mind folks, these two had been sick for quite some time so it's probably better in the long run we can capture MORE of Wes' hilarious humor and Chandra's be-u-tiful eyesthis week! You guys are troopers! See you in a few!! (((hugs)))

LOVE her eyes. ;)

Be on the look-out for some more SoCo madness and Chandra+Wes goodness! ;)

Thank you again Lauren for your incredible assisting abilities! Can't wait to work more with you in the el futuro!

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Chandra said...

Thanks, Carli! (((hugs)))
Can't wait to do more with you next week :)