Tuesday, April 21

Jack + Nichole {Engaged!}

There are those in this world, that don't belong in it.
They don't belong... their hearts always strive for what is right, their souls seek that which is good and they retain a hope that one day they will find someone of the same caliber...

I remember hearing Jack in deep contemplation tell me, "I think she's the one..." That seems like it was a year ago. Because Jack is... Jack, (ha!) I remember thinking, "Well if you've even come this far in your conclusion, she probably is!"

But I've known Jack a lot longer.
He recruited me back in 2006 for his company at the time, Southwestern. He was my boss, my coach, my mentor. He smashed the company goals out the water and taught all 6 (7?) of us to keep the same positive attitude, to love not just what we did for a living, but to love our clients, to love life.

I've heard Jack talk about Nichole for months now and I've never had the opportunity to meet her. I've only heard of his devotion for her, his respect and love. When she walked into Austin Java, it was I who loved her. She has a contagious smile and the chemistry between both of them oozes into giggles and belly-wrenching laughs. I felt like I was hanging out with my sister!
We just connected.

You've found her, Jack. ;)
You two are positively perfect for each other!!!

Not to mention just incredibly cute!

While editing these, every now and then I would let out a large laugh, enough for John to come busting in the room. "What's so funny??"
I'd show him these:

Photographing love is the easiest job in the world,
when there's a lot of it to photograph.

To Jack and Nichole, it's a privilege. (((hugs)))


Anonymous said...

Great photos. I think you just keep getting better and better every time.

kristin said...

These made me smile! The connection between these two radiates through the screen!