Thursday, April 16

My Favorite Things

Several weeks ago I showed you some of the edited jpgs from Bristi's album. Now you can see how they look LIVE!

This is a 10x10 flush-mount leather bound album from John and Bristi's destination wedding in Jamaica. I know I'm always talking about it, but these days I can only pray destination travel will be in our near future once again (hint hint JO :) Those sandy beaches and endless blue skies make for quite the memorable day...

There is a common misconception that traveling for a wedding = spend a fortune!
Not true, my Lovelies. Depending on the season and location, sometimes a destination wedding is less expensive than one close to home! Just ask Bristi.

One of my favorite spreads.
I was standing in the pool next to them (maybe underwater at that point?) and Johnny took that aerial shot of them from the side of the pool. Great eye, Baby!
Aren't Bristi and John so cooool?

Now I've got the majority of albums caught up, what a perfect time for wedding season to kick back into gear! Stephanie and Chris' wedding is Saturday, followed by Jack and Nichole's e-session on Sunday!

It's going to be one heck of a weekend. I can feel it in me bones.


kristin said...

Love the white leather for a beach wedding! Looks great!

Jo said...

Haha, yay for the shout out!! So we have 355 days until Playa del Carmen...that should be enough time to get in shape for my pictures in that pretty white leather album :)