Saturday, April 25

NY's Best Beauty Store {my latest addiction} Bath Junkie

Meet the fabuloso Caroline:
She's a master chef.

Except instead of concocting delish dishes, she combines scents and scrubs, colors and calamines.
(Here she is working her magic, mixing some scents.)

She is the co-owner of the Quarry Market location Bath Junkie, a franchised store which won 2009 Best Beauty Store in NY!
The beauty in Bath Junkie is all 30+ of their products from salt scrubs to bath bombs, laundry soap and mutt mists, fill glass jars on the shelves unscented and untinted. It is up to the customer {bath junkie ;} to first pick their product, then wade through the hundreds of scents to combine their personalized concoction and then watch before their very eyes as the mix master whisks the scent, tint and product together to create a product uniquely theirs!

What an experience!!!

These are half of the scents they carry, from essential oils to knock-offs of your favorite perfume...

Last Friday I had the privilege of photographing their in-store celebration of their NY's store success!

There was pizza and cannoli, a free product give away and luscious lip makeovers!

Even the owner and creator of the Bath Junkie franchise mingled with the customers! She flew all the way in from Arkansas!

Visit your local Bath Junkie today!!
They are nationwide. For the TX folk, there's a few in Dallas, one here in San Antonio and 2 in Austin. It's soooo addicting. Once you mix your favorite scent, you can have it blended in hand soap, laundry detergent, body scrub, shampoo, bath bombs, lotions... and so much more.

My latest addiction is the Body Dessert and Salt Scrub, which my brides will get a sample of when I mail out their wedding dvds! Woohoo!

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I heart Bath Junkie! great photos