Friday, April 10

Passover {Sneak Peek!}

Oh so much preparation goes into the Passover meal...

Yesterday Johnny and I shared our first Passover meal... solo. Just my bff (aka husbie) and me. ;)
It was beautifully delightful.
It was the first time I made everything myself, with Johnny's help, of course.

More wonderful photos and memories shared to come!
Now it is 6 more days with no hametz! No yeast. Nada. Zilch. None.
Just wonderfully homemade baked matzah!!

And a week ahead of trusting... He brought the Israelites out of Egypt and I rejoice in my own rescue.
For He who has brought me to this season, I am thankful. Life and freedom is beautiful.

Have an incredible weekend with family, rejoicing in that.


Milton said...

It's always fun to cook with your second half. I love cooking with (and for) Leah. Your meal sounds delicious! Send me some.

Kelly said...

My mother works at a Jewish nursing home and usually they clean everything in the kitchen for Passover by boiling it in water. This year the Rabbi decided everything needed to be cleaned via blow torch and had a couple teenage boys come in to help him. They managed to melt $8000 in kitchen equiptment. I think they'll be reverting to boiled water next year...