Monday, April 6

Sara + Jake {Engaged!}

At 7:30 yesterday morning I watched the sun rise over I-35 on my short drive north.
At 8:30 yesterday morning I drank a mocha on South Congress and waited for one of my 2 incredible couples for Sunday shoots. The sky was clear, my head was clear and although I was preparing myself for a long day ahead, I was filled with inspiration.

Meet Sara and Jake. They fueled my inspiration. ;)

And they're referrals of Sandra and Nelson! ;)

We walked around South Congress and played a little bit at the Capitol...

(Look Sara!! I love how this turned out! ;)

We ended the shoot at the Law School Library where I was particularly looking forward to shooting! Sara, like Sandra, graduates from Law School this May and of course Sara and Jake met at school so we had to incorporate this into the shoot!

Can you say "Sexxy!!!!"


kristin said...

I la,la LOVE the library shots!!! Great shoot :)

Milton said...

I knew a library would be a good location. Great shots!

Now and Then Photography said...

Ooh la la. Carli these are amazing. We need to get together and go shoot. Get some models or something. So fun!

Sara said...

I am SO excited! Thank you Carli! I love it! - Sara

in_a_blink photography said...

i, as well, LOVE the library shots :)