Wednesday, April 29

An Old School Trip

John’s best friend from high school is a pilot, so we had the luxury of flying free (standby!) to Colorado this past weekend to visit family. (Thank you Sean!) In light of the 3 engagements and wedding I am in the middle of editing, I couldn’t bring myself to taking more photographs on this trip I would later have to edit. So I broke down, bought some 35mm film and toted my Canon rebel and 50 mm lens onto the plane.
No external flash.
No wide angle or telephoto lenses.
Just me and the baby that birthed this passion....

Film inspires, requires a completely different mindset while shooting. The most noticeable difference, I slim from 300 photographs to 24 at a time. What once I previewed, I now rely solely on my aperture and shutter speed schooling. It was very enjoyable, really.

The story has yet to be previewed... 3 measly rolls of film sit on my desk undeveloped. The only proof that I took any photos at all, is thru my iphone, which I pulled out only once, while we were walking through Garden of the gods. See below for iphone quality. eh.
The view was very impressive.

See those tiny people down below?
This view (below) is of the same rocks from the shot above, just from our hike up the side of the adjacent mountain. Incredible...

The break was much needed. I saw rain, snow and breath-taking views. Johnny and I discussed moving here eventually... eventually. I think this was our 50th discussion on the matter.
And I come home to 5 shoots in 3 weeks and incredibly optimistic brides. ;)

Kelly and Darryl @ Star Hill
Jennifer and Gervais {E!}
Jamie and David @ Canyon Springs
Joanna and Justin {E!}
Nikki {Newborn!}

It's back to editing with me, Lovelies. Many many more beautiful brides and babies to come!

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