Sunday, May 31

Introducing: Rep Cards and Bookmarks

In anticipation of my new product line and packages I'll be rolling out tomorrow, I am starting the first of many giveaways and introductions today...

Meet {inkedFingers} rep cards.

It's your personal business card on one side, displaying your contact info
{ie: email and phone number}

showcasing your favorite photo {we} shot of you and our info on the other side!
These chic little cards have been rolled into our referral program as well,
which my current brides have already had a sneak peek through the monthly newsletter!

(Want to join the newsletter to be updated on exclusive promos and our latest products?
Email "" with a subject "Subscribe to newsletter")

Next, meet {inkedFingers} bookmarks.
2 x 8.25

Are you and your fiance book-people?
Want a non-traditional wedding favor that will be used over and over?

Everything I create is 100% customizable.
If you're already married and you're throwing
your bff a birthday party or a family reunion and you're looking for a unique
gift for all of the attendees?
Think bookmarks.
Ask about discounts on 3 or more packages!

To enter yourself into the drawing, just leave a comment on this post.
The evening of June 1st I will randomly draw 3 lucky winners. All 3 will choose between a complimentary set of 50 rep cards or 50 personalized bookmarks!

**offer limited to current and prospective inkedFingers brides/clients**
**photographs must be taken by moi to be included on products**

More goodies to come, Lovelies! Have a fabulous Sunday!


Princess Selina said...

Umm, Hi. My name is Selina and I'm slightly obsessed with all the new products you are rolling out. I love all of them! =)

Leah Dahms said...

I wouldn't mind bookmarks. That's on our list of possible favors.
We love everything you do, Carli!
:o) Leah & Milton

Roxy said...

I had a lot of fun and really like the look of the bookmarks!

Happygirl said...

These are so cute! You are so talented!! Hope all is well with you...

Chandra said...

Kudos to Roxy for recommending the bookmarks. They're awesome! :)

oli said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!!! I love the cards and bookmarks. What a great idea =)

Milton said...

As an avid reader and writer, I love the bookmark idea.

carli {inkedfingers} said...

oh beautiful brides... having your fiances post to increase your chances of winning was a VERY clever idea!! ha!

Becky said...

I am not eligable but I love this idea and might have to see about getting some bookmarks from the last wedding we did together to give out in my welcome packet.

Leah Dahms said...

Just thought I'd try. As a math teacher, I thought I'd try to increase the probability of getting the bookmarks. :o) I understand if that doesn't count. Have a good evening, Carli! Don't work too hard!

Tami said...

Too bad the contest is over! Regardless... I love everything! The bookmarks are too precious! =)

Anonymous said...

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