Monday, May 4

Jennifer + Gervais {Engaged!}

I used to not be a (((hug))) person.

But now I am.
Somewhere along this 25 year journey, I've realized a hand shake sometimes isn't enough.

Jennifer and Gervais booked me last December without ever seeing my face, hardly hearing my voice and on the sole recommendation (and e-sess photos!) of two of Jennifer's buds: Kelly and Marie. I first met this gregarious couple last weekend at Kelly's wedding, where I got to jam with not one, not two but THREE of my couples! How cool is that? Btw, I wanted to take a photo of all 3 gals and myself but I completely forgot. eh.

So back to Jennifer. ;) There she was, standing on the porch at Star Hill with her fiance Gervais and John and I come walking up and I here this loud shriek, "Carli!!!!!!!" followed by an incredible hug. Oh! So this is Jennifer. Loved her already. ;)

Johnny and I will be shooting their wedding out in Sugarland in September. The church and venue are breath-taking, not to mention this incredibly chic couple! Hooray!!!!!!

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