Tuesday, May 19

Pretty Things.

If I have learned anything from the vastness of the world wide web, it is that kindred spirits can be found anywhere. They can be in all parts of the globe, without ever seeing a face, hearing a voice or even pinpointing a location.

I don't remember how I first discovered Toni. {http://simplesparrow.typepad.com/} I only know that I was weekly inspired by her view of the world: simple. peaceful. so much love and beauty and my, what talent!!

I dedicate this post to her, to "huge boxes of awesomeness" and all that is to come!
Thank you for being an inspiration, Toni!
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Here are a few of my favorite things found under my roof:

The French tray John bought at an antique store that he said I really shouldn't be using.
The cream and sugar set I splurged on at Anthropologie, the day I probably shouldn't have been spending money.
The white coffee cups and saucers I paid less then $5 for at Ikea.
The first coffee maker I bought while on my own, over 5 years ago that still works like a charm.
And the roses from the rose bush in my front yard.
Store bought roses are one thing, but cut fresh from your garden, quite another. ;)

Have a wonderful day, Lovelies! Be inspired by the simple, pretty things that surround you.

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Toni said...

Oh gosh. How sweet of you to mention me in your post! Your sis just bought a journal from me so I thought I'd click over and see what you were up too. What a lovely surprise..thank you! xo.