Thursday, May 7

Random Thursday

Three things today
i found 2 great new blogs i am obsessed with and you should be too, thanks to courtney:

ever-increasing my love for videography

eric kass
papery things deliciously printed

after drooling over eric kass' blog, my love for all things textured, printed, raw was rebirthed so you can imagine my delight when my bff shari sends me this wooden postcard that i received this afternoon.

thank you, shari. i absolutely love it.

isn't that what bff's are for? just the right thing at the right time.

i am so freakin close to finishing stephanie and chris wedding. it was a beautiful beautiful wedding and i was delighted especially with kristins shots. here is a simple venue shot that tickled my fancy. great job, k, as usual ;)

there's jamie's golf course wedding on saturday, joanna and justin's engagements on sunday and a whole lotta fun mixed in there. yeeee-haw.


kristin said...

Thanks for all the love C :) See you tonight! Can't wait to see you work your magic with my in-laws on Saturday! I'll be the girl in the bright green sweater :)

carli {inkedfingers} said...

Yay! You found a green sweater!! Can't wait for you to watch me run around like a crazy woman! ha!

You and Mark better be on that dancin' floor!