Friday, May 1

Stephanie + Chris {Married!}

Stephanie and Chris will be arriving home from their honey moon this weekend. Two weeks of wedded bliss and far away lands. (Bali is in the mix of locations, if I'm not mistaken!) The "far off lands" is not new to their relationship. They've traveled to several of the continents together, just recently arriving home from Iceland!! I think it's their lifelong goal to set foot in every continent together. How cool is that?

So they're wedding was comprised of a crazy fun eclectic crowd, incredible details and a beautifully optimistic bride! I can't help saying after almost every wedding to my brides "The bride was so optimistic! So happy! No matter what happened she just laughed it off!" Because my gals are just that cool. ;)

Stephanie's no different. It was raining all freakin' weekend and this gal, the whole time was speaking good into existence: "It isn't going to rain on Saturday! You think I'm kidding! It really isn't going to rain!" Man I love this gal. Guess what? It didn't rain. And the ground wasn't too soggy. The wedding party was so much fun.

...Because I am away from my office for the day, this is will be a progressive post and I shall add more when I get home this evening. In the interim, here is a preview of their incredible day...

Along every bride and groom's wedding planning journey I develop a relationship with my couple and although I hate for it to come to a close following the wedding, it is so cool to see the fruit of all of their blood and sweat! Stephanie was the quintessential bride...

The 80's band: Red Alert

Look how cute they are!!!

Wedding-Day Vendors
Venue: Memory Lane Events Center
Coordinator: Talia, coordinator of Memory Lane
Live Band: Red Alert

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Carli I am so late! I just saw this blog post and love love love it. And you're right, we want to see the world together, one land mass at a time. Thanks for capturing our day, you are amazing!