Tuesday, June 9

The Current State... of my office

Good afternoon, Lovelies.

"To say that I am overwhelmed with business this time of year... would be an understatement" in quoting another photographer.

This is, for all wedding photographers, the tail end of the busiest time of year! If you could cut me any slack in answering emails, editing, creating albums, providing you your product I would be so thankful! I am working to strange hours of the night making sure your fabulous albums and linen-finished prints arrive on time... consuming vast amounts of caffeine and listening to all sorts of strange podcasts to keep my brain active while editing! In fact-- get this Ladies-- my husband Johnny who usually just shoots with me has even started editing with me! So we'll in this ball game full swing.

Know that Johnny and I are doing everything we can to get these goods to you in a timely manner! Thank you so much understanding.

Have a fabulous week!

Much Love,
Carli & Johnnyboy

Be on the lookout:
Tami + Ramiro {1 Yr Anniv!}
Kheira + Evan {Married!}
Jill + Allen {Married!}
Tiffany + Jason {Married!}


Tami and Ramiro said...

You are amazing! For us- you can take a year like some of those not-so-amazing photogs do! We had so much fun yesterday! Thanks for being the person that you are!! Love you!! XOXO!!

Princess Selina said...

OMG Carli, I heart you so much. Don't be mad! I'm sorry I still haven't emailed you! The jobbie has been crazy and I joined a 2nd bootcamp and now my life is full of later nights, less sleep, more workouts but I'm loving it. I will email you ASAP, I SWEAR!