Tuesday, June 23

Happy Anniversary Tam and Ram!

Good morning beautiful Brides,

Did you know? If you are an {inkedFingers} bride and we had the incredible opportunity to photograph your wedding, I will photograph your 1-yr anniversary for FREE?!

Do you know why I shoot your 1-yr anniversary for free? Because I love ya that much. And you get a free 8x10 out of it. And if you're marriage and undying devotion has lasted that long, you deserve something free. And you have the opportunity to buy gallery wraps and Christmas cards and Hanukkah cards and everyday greeting cards and bookmarks and calendars with those incredible photos!

Johnny and I went to San Francisco last year for our 1-yr wedding anniversary and we had Juliet Nicole photograph us on the coast. It was so much fun! Those are photographs we will forever cherish!!!! Thank you Juliet!

What is an {iF} anniversary session? It's a one hour shoot. One location. One 8x10. Because your One year anniversary only happens once. ;)

I get to talk all of this up because May 30 was Tami and Ramiro's one year anniversary. ;) They just got back from an awesome cruise and here they are showcasing their tans and undying love..

Call me Lovelies!
({iF} Anniv Session must be booked within 30 calendar days of your anniversary. Based upon photographer's limited availability.)

Here are a few more of my favorites from their wedding that Johnny and I took:


oli said...

Just one MORE thing that makes you so awesome =)

Kheira said...

I agree with Oli! I look forward to June 2010!

Anonymous said...

Wow, who took the water fountain photo!