Sunday, June 14

In Life

In life, it's not just the action... but the dream that gives way to action.

Sometimes dreams are all we have, a well-worn thought, an ideal. We hold onto them, supplanting reality with all that we hope for, hoping one day our dreams will... be. As Linda walked closer to Tony down the aisle, a string trio crescendoed in the distance and the anticipation became so palpable, I pressed my eye closer to the lens suppressing a tear.

This is what dreams are made of.

The heat in the garden that day was sweltering. Sweat dripped from all of our brows. But as Tony prayed, a breeze from the South rushed all around us and I was thankful to be in that moment, thankful to have the opportunity to witness two lives becoming one.

A big thank you to Meghann at Simply Chic Weddings for the referral and to Josh at Limelight for the opportunity.

Linda and Tony, congratulations.
I was reminded yesterday of His faithfulness...

What an incredible evening!!


oli said...

=)how timeless and beautiful. These are very heart warming moments that you captured!

Corrin Brubaker said...

Hi Carli! These images are all so beautiful. I love the last image with the rose petals. I hope everything is going well with your studio!

Corrin Brubaker

Now and Then Photography said...

Carli, your pictures are georgeous. We need to get together sometime soon. Seriously.