Wednesday, June 10

{inkedFingers} Cinematography

I've always been fascinated with great cinematography. I'm not much of a movie buff (Johnny is.) but if the picture is artsy or the camera angles interesting enough to captivate my attention (because my attention span is so short?) I'll watch it. Amelie is definitely one of my faves.

So Johnny and I have tried our hand at videography a couple of times now with the new Nikon D90. It's safe to say we've fallen head over heels with cinematography: Johnny makes a great director and I play the producer. ;) In our case and at this time in our business I don't ever see us calling ourselves "official videographers" because we won't ever put our digital picture-takers down for video cameras. Nooo way. We will, however, capture snippets here and there. We will compile the coverage in a short film with cutesy music and throw in a couple of still images. We won't hire another person to shoot this: THIS IS our love. Making memories.

This video secures our entry into the cinematic world:
Click on: if video does not appear.

Special thanks to Kristin of Lemon Yellow Black Photography for referring Jamie + David to our studio. ;)

Want us to shoot free rehearsal dinner coverage for you? Reply to this post what you think of the video. Your name will go in a big black hat and Johnny will draw some random happy couple from this post in 1 week, June 17th at midnight!


oli said...

wow this is soooo neat!! I love the flower girls lol

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled in from the web... and perhaps you might not call yourself video-ographers, but the quality of your videos is outstanding. Angled, grainy, slightly shakey and off focus at point... great cuts, outstanding song pairing... left me breathless. Call yourself what you will, but your work is outstanding. (signed: randome web surfer... who's father was a wedding photographer so my opinions worth something I hope)

Milton Perez said...

Great job! I would love to have this for our rehearsal dinner.

Chandra said...

You've both captured such adorable moments. Each time I've watched this, I find myself just smiling and laughing like I'm there. That speaks to your talent.

Milton said...

Who won? No rush, I know you're busy.

Anonymous said...

very very impressive. it's exciting to see your work...and incredible work it is!