Thursday, June 25

Kelly + Darryl | {inkedFingers} Cinema

Thank you Kelly and Darryl for waiting sooo long for this. Finally. ;)

It really is just as enjoyable creating these videos as it is shooting them!

I ask you, Lovelies, for your candid feedback. This is the only way we can improve!!! It is our first integration of {iF} cinema with our photography. Do you like the blend? Would you rather see just video? Are the transitions too choppy? Thanks for taking the time to watch it!



Kelly said...

LOVE IT! D just came in and asked me what I was smiling about. I told him, then I got in trouble for watching it without him :P. My photo album selections will be in your email by Sunday, sorry I'm lagging.

Unknown said...

Wow, Carli. That was beautiful! A beautiful wedding and a great story...

Milton said...

That was fantastic! It seemed like you've been doing for years.
Love the blend of the two mediums.

John said...

Hey baby, this was a fun wedding to shoot with you... you know I'm your biggest fan!

Love you every minute!