Monday, June 1

Roxy + Muffin {Engaged!}

Long long ago, in the bellows of an Austin Starbucks, when I was earning my keep slinging lattes and talking my 35mm skills up to fellow partners and customers, I remember one particular conversation:

fellow barista to me: so when you open your photography business (this is all hypothetical at that time) how are you going to market?
me: oh, well... i don't want to try to convince anyone to use me. i just want cool people who want me to shoot them to come to me!

Today, I live that dream.
I get to work with really cool couples, like Roxy and Victor (whom we affectionately refer to as "Muffin" because Roxy says so) and Chandra and Wes, who referred them! Not only are they really cool, but they are great friends. These gals that I get the privilege of hanging out with an hour or two for the shoot I sincerely enjoy getting coffee with a month later, three months later. They inspire me and encourage me.

How often can you say to your fellow employees at your work that they inspire and encourage you? Man... I'm blessed. ;) And I'm talking your ear off! Allow me to put the spotlight where it belongs.

Meet Roxy and Victor!

I'm always amazed how green the Capitol grounds are, even in the winter.
Our tax dollars put to work (!) as Muffin pointed out.

Perfecto. Beautimus.
They've been together five years in July and 2.5 of those years were long distance! That's tough.
So... we have Victor standing in faaar awar Lubbok where he was living and Roxy in good ol' ATX. Great idea, Roxy!

The sunset was gorgeous last night and the whole hill next to Zilker filled with people enjoying the view...

This was totally Roxy's idea again! Isn't it just grand?

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives, Roxy and Victor! Good luck wedding planning and thank you so much for all of your creative ideas!
Chandra and Wes, thanks for sending great peeps my way. ;)
I'm workin' on that album this week!

Now it's back to editing, creating and getting inspired! Tomorrow bright and early:
bridals at Star Hill!


Princess Selina said...

Carli! These pictures are amazing! You look fab Roxy, as always! Miss you both!

Chandra said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE them!! I can't decide which is my fav! :)

Roxy said...

I really love love love these pictures! I really love working with Carli. I will recommend you to everyone!

carli said...

Dearest Roxy, I am SOOOO glad you like them!!! Of course I'm partial, but I love them too. ;) I think one of my favorites is you both stretching your arms out beneath the skyline. What a wonderful idea!! Anywho. ((hugs)) and I am so glad it worked out that you actually won what you proposed! lol