Friday, June 5

The Wonder in Morning and Skies

The podcast I heard last week that stuck with me was an interview of a Jewish man talking about his experience praying at the Western wall. He said, "You know when to say the morning prayer in Israel, because the moment the sun rises-- it breaks across the sky-- all of the birds along the wall take flight."

What an incredible view that must be...

I was reminded of that this morning when my biological alarm clock awakened me at 6AM. I threw on a hoodie, grabbed my camera and sat on my back porch to watch the sun rise.

It wasn't as grand, but when the first slivers of orange glow previewed themselves, I saw birds first flight. It was incredible...

And many of the skies are (incredible) that I can see from my back porch. This was taken 2 weekends ago, when we had all of those spotty rains.

Looks like it will be a magnificent weekend, Lovelies. Thank God for that,
for inspiring sun rises, quiet moment before the world awakes and a day full of wonder.


Anonymous said...

That it does. Love the pics. Wish I could have seen it sitting on my back porch, oh wait I need a back porch first. Hope you have a great weekend. We love and miss you. Keep up the good work. See you in just over a month.

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing Texas with me :) I love all your pictures and check in frequently. Hope to see you again sometime.

Laura Jensen Weik's mom
on the east coast.