Monday, July 27


i eat, sleep and breathe pictures.
perhaps it is because i have vision...

this is my dear friend.
and fellow co-conspirator who now lives in new york but is visiting me for a few weeks. she knew if she came over to my house she would be subject to my lens. it goes unstated. *big grin*
so i fixed our favorite brew.
we laughed.
i shot.
she shot.
we made a movie.
and i am reminded how thankful i am for bffs.

what's that? you want to see our movie?
well... ok. in a few days, after i am caught up editing i will post it. it's called "the tones: a dedication to raydog."

this Lovely is starting up her own company, too. since she helped me start up mine, our conversations have been very interesting as of late.

don't worry. i know how bad of a photo this is of me (see below). in short, i was trying to be a new yah-ka. i was trying to be her.
uh... unfortunately i have a big ol' texas grin and some thick blonde country gal hair creeping beneath all that style. i just can't pull it off i'm afraid.

well, the only thing i can successfully pull off is my new yawk accent, hon.
don't git me stah-ted.
in fact, fahgetaboudit.


oli said...

ha ha whatever I love it! work it carli

Chandra said...

i love all these pictures, and yours is particularly awesome!

Anonymous said...

woo-woo! hot mama! carlita, you are beautiful!