Friday, July 24

Five and Alive!

J. has got the moooves!
He just turned the big f-i-v-e so photographs were in order.
It's not often that I'll photograph children, so when I get the opportunity it's always a pleasant pace. ;) For little J. I have known his mommy since high school back in 1997! I love watching these kids grow like weeds!

When are you going to sign that contract with J Crew Crewcuts, Autumn? ;)
You'll be fending off the ladies way too soon.

Even with this face. How can you tell him no??

5 going on 19.

And here's my baby in a test shot. Sorry J. but there really is no way for Ellie to steal the show.
YOU are just TOO cute!!

Thank you, Autumn, for supporting this small business and letting me be a part of your lives. ;)


Claire said...

that last one of the dog makes me smile!

oli said...

LOL how sweet!!!

kristin said...

Love the second one, sooo cute! And Ellie you are pretty adorable too :)

Becky said...

too cute i will have to save up and get you to take some of my kiddos.