Saturday, July 25

{inkedFingers} on ABC

I am a small business owner.
I am an entrepreneur.
I am a photographer.

{with a mind bubbling with ideas and innovations and inspiration}
When anyone approaches me with ideas and aspirations of starting their own company, the #1 site I direct them to is:

It's a website filled with forums and discussion boards and blogs and weekly insights, all for and written by entrepreneurs. It's pretty incredible, really. I had the privilege of hanging out with one of the owners of the company about a year ago, Rich Sloan, while speaking at an Austin Women's Conference for women business owners. Rich called the other day, mentioned he was going to be helping a fellow entrepreneur in the event planning business, and asked if I had any advice for her marketing strategy-- on a budget.

What did I say?
The Cupcake Party concept ;)

You can see the video on ABC's website by following this link:

Thank you, Rich! ;) I really appreciate the plug and for thinking of us here at {inkedFingers}!!!
Speaking of publicity, San Antonio Weddings magazine should be out this month and rumor has it, Jamie and David's wedding is featured in there. ;) Can't wait to take a peek! I have Jamie to owe for that one. Thanks a million, Jamie!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. I'm proud of you sis.