Friday, July 17

Oh Cool Colorado Summer Mornings

I haven't been away from our home in Cibolo this long, ever. The past 3 mornings I've woke up to 70 degree weather, a 180 view of the mountains and crisp air.

Johnny and I drove up to Littleton, CO this past weekend. We had a FABULOUS boudoir shoot on Tuesday in the Hotel Jet in downtown Denver. I highly recommend this hotel. The manager, Fisher was incredibly accommodating and the rooms uber chic. To my beautiful bride-- what a marvelous time! To Melanie from Firefly Photography here in Denver, assisting, it is just too bad we do not live in the same city! We were singing off the same page the whole time, weren't we?

Both Johnny and I have family reunions this week (what are the odds, right?) so we're bouncing back and forth from Littleton to Lakewood daily. I LOVE Colorado. Perhaps we'll move here soon.

We wrestled between flying and driving here for weeks and I finally convinced Johnny to drive with "How else will we be able to see New Mexico and west Texas and Southern Colorado??" So we drove the whole 1,000+ journey... er... Johnny drove. ;) I had my head stuck to the window with my d700.

I really really need a point and shoot.

Here is a small glimpse of our journey up. Of course many many more photos to come of families and twins and mountains and... sheer happiness.

Day 1.
New Mexico, just north of Albuquerque.
Stopped for gas and I'm sure I was the only natural blonde within a 100 mile radius. This might have been the only pay phone within a 100 mile radius, too. Very oddly placed....

Day 2.
Just entered into Southern Colorado. Hit plenty of come-and-go rain showers, which made for beautiful clouds and a magnificent sunset!

It would pour for 15 minutes then stop, then start again, the whole time, the sun was glaring through the clouds and we both were saying "Where's the rainbow? There's GOT to be a rainbow!" John said "It's probably right above us!" So I turned around and looked up and there was a MAGNIFICENT double rainbow! Of course we had to pull over....


Have a fabulous rest of the week! I will. ;)


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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

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Gosh! How amazing! Thank you! <3

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