Sunday, July 5

Tiffany + Jason {Sneak Peek!}

Johnny and I drove out to Marble Falls Friday for Tiffany and Jason's rehearsal and 4th of July wedding, the ceremony was in Llano and the reception 40 minutes away in Marble Falls!

I will admit, I was looking forward to the fireworks at Tiffany's reception! I guess I just forgot to ask earlier, but I didn't find out until Saturday morning that the fireworks in Marble Falls were canceled altogether!! Man, I was bummed. So no pretty fireworks photo ops. :(

But Johnny once again kicked butt on his d90. Here's a shot he captured during "man and wife" time. Jason is so sweet to Tiffany...

Like I said, there were no fireworks at the wedding but on our drive home down 281 we caught not one but TWO town's fireworks shows!! Can you believe it? It was really really cool. We hit the last ten minutes of Blanco's (I think we were in Blanco??) show, pulled over along a bridge, rolled our windows down, propped the cameras on the dash board and clicked away.... not soon after we pulled over there were 5 or 6 other cars on the bridge pulled over too! Until a policeman ran us all off seconds before the grand finale. hehe

Anyway. It was a beautiful night, all around. More photos from Tiffany and Jason's wedding to come!

On a different note, I feel I'm waaay overdue for an {inkedFingers} Cupcake Party!!

Great news: I've got 2 dates set, a Sunday to consider in August and September. Still thinking about the location, but this one is sure to be bigger and better then the last 2 combined! And girlies, your fiances/husbands are invited this time! It's time we've let the guys in to our little secret. ;) Don't know what a cupcake party is? Just hit the label "cupcake party" below for past delightfulness.

Have a great rest of your Holiday weekend! And to everyone who already wished Johnny and I a happy 2-yr wedding anniversary by phone, email and fb-- THANK YOU!! It was really a lot of fun spending time with Tiffany, Jason and their incredible families yesterday!

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