Wednesday, July 22

Violet's Baby Shower {Sneaky Peeky!}

Kristin and Mark are not only friends but fellow photographers! As I mentioned in the past, all good things in my life have come from coffee shops. I met my husband, John in a coffee shop! One of my best friends and assistants, Renee I met at a coffee shop! And Mark was a barista at one of my favorite coffee shops, who heard Renee and I gabbing about photo stuff all the time and insisted I meet his purty wife who was also a picture-taker.

And the rest is history. ;)

They are expecting their FIRST baby gal here in a matter of weeks and I was invited to their couples shower a few weeks ago. Here is a sneak peek to the hybrid video I'll be creating for them. Of course all video coverage was shot on the d90. It was a privilege to attend and super enjoyable knowing I'll see their little creation SO soon! Hang in there, K!! I can't wait to meet (and hold!) baby V!


PS: Did you know? You can see ALL of the videos we've created here at {inkedFingers} by clicking on the link in my blog tool bar above:
{iF} Cinema


Dominoe Imus said...

Your videos are always so exciting! I want to see more!!

kristin said...

I can't wait to see more, you guys rule :)