Wednesday, August 5

Alan + Kaci | {inkedFingers} cinema

If you haven't been following the blog very long, you wouldn't know that when I was a senior in high school, Kaci was my 7th grade "buddy". My family moved to Oklahoma the middle of my freshman year of h.s. because my father was transferred to Vance AFB out there.

One thing I distinctly remember about Oklahoma is the square miles of fields, particularly out by our school, where our Coach in track and field would drive miles out, drop us off and make us run back. (Nice thought now... right? ;) The sun was setting as Kaci and Alan drove away to their honeymoon and I begged John to drive us out to those same fields, where we once ran so I could get that Oklahoma sunset against the orange waving grains.

When I started to piece the video together, I noticed how it all was so fitting... isn't every relationship a journey... and Kaci and Alan spent the majority of theirs in long distance...

Without further adieu:

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