Tuesday, August 25

August 25, 2009

Can you guess what I've been up to lately by the photo above?

Not only shooting, but booking {couture} boudoir sessions like they are going out of style. Girls talk, you know. ;) The session this past weekend was as crazy fun as ever.

Aside from boudoir, I'm waiting from my fabulous friend and v e r y pregnant fellow photog Kristin to have her baby girl! She's doing what I desire to do with my own children: a home birth and I can't believe I get to document the day! We'll see what happens. But here I am... going about my own life until I get that incredible call to rush down to meet baby Violet.

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am! I love babies and aside from just the joy and bliss of photographing newborns, how much of an honor is it, that I get to be in the room when Kristin holds her baby for the first time... in her entire life?

I am honored. Thank you, Kris.

On a different note, in honor of a good friend of mine (named Mike) can you do me a favor and say a quick prayer for him and his mom? He's really going through a hard time right now and he just found out his mother has stage 4 terminal cancer. She's in the ICU with many more complications then cancer. I can't even begin to imagine what he's feeling.

Thank you...

I don't really know what I'm feeling right now, with so much happening. I just know I am thankful, for a supportive husband, for a steady incredible job.

I'll leave you with the message I left my brides in my most recent newsletter:
You are in this place and time in your life for a reason. He has put you here. No matter where you are, there will always be someone looking up to you. That's why we do the best with what we have, where we are. That's why we never look back, but ahead.
I'll add... "That's why we never look back, but Up..."

For life,
tonight I am thankful.

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