Thursday, August 13

Baby Parker

At 25 years old, I'm at the age where all of my siblings and close friends and their close friends are having babies! It's an incredible thing. Because I love babies. Until I have a couple of my own, I squeeze tightly the cuteums I do get to photograph and pray more newborns come my way!

Meet the beautiful baby Parker.

He's perfect, isn't he?

Parker's mommy went to law school with Sara and Jake, saw their sultry engagement photos and wanted some bea-u-tiful photos of her perfect baby boy! Four months later.... enter inkedFingers!

Parker loves looking outside!
And spending some quality time with mommy!!! ;)

and daddy. ;)

Can't wait for you to see all of them! Thank you so much for the incredible hospitality and sending me on my way with home grown goods! The pleasure was mine. ;)

Speaking of newborns, I'm really looking forward to photographing baby Violet, hopefully within the next week! Woo-hoo! (Get on outta there baby V!!! I want to hold you!)

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

These are great. He is absolutely precious and the pictures are amazing. You do amazing work. Makes me look forward to the pictures for Matt's 5th birthday. We love and miss Aunt Carli.

Nikki said...

Thank you Carli!! There are just as beautiful as I knew you would make them!

Anonymous said...

wow this is parker's grandma, Sarah Darter, in San Bernardino, CA. I waited till today to see them on my sixtieth birthday.(I am officially old now.) These are gorgeous, you bring out the best. I look forward to more pix.

John said...

What a beautiful baby!