Thursday, August 13

i'll tell you how the sun rose

good morning.
*sleepy grin*
i woke up as the sun was rising... about 45 minutes ago.
usually if i wake up around then, i get out my good ol' moleskine, sit on the back porch and journal. some things never change.

eliot came outside with me this morning. this is her yawning...

so many people see sunsets but too few watch the sun rise... like me. it's warm this morning, but there's a cool breeze. my to-do list beckons but it can wait just a moment longer... can't it?

kristen told me to live a little these days... and all i can do is try.

a plane just flew over head. maybe it was a tweet... and i am reminded of my father.

thank you God for getting me out of bed, for restoring my soul and giving me two eyes, two ears to watch the sun rise...

work can no longer wait.
live a little today, will ya?

(baby parker photos this afternoon!)


Rendog1977 said...

I'm with ya on watching the sun rise. I am going to tomorrow or Saturday again go to Lake Medina with a cup of coffee and my camera and enjoy the morning alone. It's a great way to think things over and to thank God for everything. I love and miss you lots.

bendthelight said...

Aww, your dog is so cute!! Had fun hanging with everyone last night! Hope to see yall again soon. :) -Kaylinn (Bend The Light Photography)