Tuesday, August 11

Mon Cherie

Another INCREDIBLE boudoir shoot yesterday. Here are my top 5 favorite things about these fashionista sessions, because I just can't stop talking about them!

#1. Did you know... it's only GALS allowed in that room! That means no creepy men! Hooray! (So when your new husband asks "So who did these for you again?" There is no weird explanation required. Just smile really big and say "Carli!!!" He'll get it. :)

#2. Imagine... you're sitting in the hotel room... chowing down on some great snacks, a glass of your favorite vino in hand, your favorite tunes pumping in the background *envision america's next top model fashion shoot prep* while you're having your hair and makeup done by our preferred artist! I'm there prepping the room, chatting away about your vision for the shoot, laying your outfits out and we'll laugh our heads off together! It's major girl time!

#3. As I have mentioned in the past, I have done my fair share of researching "boudoir" sessions and I've even entered some sites that require an "I consent I'm over 18" to view it! Wowzers! We draw the line in finding out what YOU are comfortable with. It's all about you.

#4. We, together, you and I, make this shoot YOU by talking about how we can incorporate your and/or your husband's profession into this. This isn't just emptying out your lingerie drawer. Is your future husband going to medical school? Bring his lab coat! Is your husband in the Air Force? Bring his blues uniform! Is it your dream one day to own some land and horses? Bring your boots and cowboy hat. I can say this a million times, but really Lovelies... it's ALL about YOU!

#5. Why am I addicted to shooting these?
If I can take a woman with an eyebrow raised at the beginning of the shoot, excited-- but nervous, giddy-- but reluctant, and in 2 hours time have her strut out of the room with impenetrable confidence, then my job is done. Every woman needs to do this. Every woman is beautiful. If this is the avenue through which she can learn that, then I will always shoot boudoir...

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Anonymous said...

As my mother would say: You go girl.