Wednesday, August 5

The Ray Family!

I met Rochelle at my bff Autumn's baby shower! Her family is so modelesque, aren't they? ;) The truth is, Mike works for the military and will be deployed to Afghanistan, so family portraits were high on Rochelle's priority list! I had the honor of capturing their family in Chris Park in San Antonio yesterday. (There is an incredible shortage of nice parks in San Antonio, but a big thank you to Kristin and Sarah who introduced us to Chris Park downtown!) I was pretty impressed, at the quiet park and the Ray family's tolerance to the 100 degree temperatures!!!

I couldn't believe we found green grass! Woo-hoo!

Oh man! What a little diva she is. ;) Soo cute and studious with those glasses!

Mike is Mr. Cool and works for some type of central intelligence, so how appropriate is this photo... "I'm coming honey! I'm here to save THE DAY!!!"

This is what family is all about.

Thanks, Ray Family, for sharing with me a part of your lives. ;) Mike, we will be praying for you while you're overseas and you have our full support! Be safe!!!

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