Thursday, August 27

Two Hands. To Give.

I wanted to share a letter with you today.
I know. I'm a photographer. I'm supposed to be posting photographs. But behind a photograph is a story, a message and today, if I needed to read this, then you probably do to.

I won't tell you who it's from or who it's to, but just read it and be encouraged...

"I just got off the phone today with a gal who is starting up her business. For months she's told me she's starting it up but she's just on that edge, overwhelmed, doesn't know where to start... and for about 20 minutes I felt like YOU. (Except for half the time since I don't REALLY know about the rules/regulations about the business she was starting, I was just telling her keys for keeping my own business going and felt like I was talking out of my a@#$. HAha!)

Anyway, during the middle of her phone call-- it hit me.... her drive, her fuel became my fuel. And I realized that like you encourage me, I realized that's what we all need to do. If we could only put down our preconceived ideas long enough to see how people need HELP, then everyone in the end would be better off. We've ALL been in a position of vulnerability, we've all started on the cold hard ground and stared up at the towering possibilities above us, wondering where to start, what foot we should put forward. We've all seen the paths and wondered which to take.

Instead of a cold shoulder I offered my hand...

and I realized that she just needed to be pulled up all along.

Thank YOU, for being my encouragement. For always finding the time to listen to me. For always finding the time to listen and offer advice about my own business. I am all the better off for it.

Now that goodness you've shared with me, I've shared with someone else.... and she will share it with another... and the world will all be better off because of it..."

If you're in a place where you see mountains all around you, and you want to climb... just start climbing.
If you're high up on that mountain and you see a hand below you... instead of admiring how high you are up, reach down and pull them up next to you...

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