Monday, September 28

Andy + Alanna | Engaged!

The first time I met Andy the beginning of this year, our conversation via tele went something like this:

Me: hello?
Andy: Hi!
Me: yes?
Andy: I'm trying to get a hold of Carli from InkedFingers.
Me: (in a rather annoying tone of voice) Is this a solicitor?
Andy: Uh.... No.... Sandra, another of your clients gave me your number and I wanted to meet with you concerning wedding photography...
Me: (in my head: Oh BLEEEP!!!) Sorry about that Andy... I uh...
etc etc

So in other words, the first time I met Andy I made a complete fool of myself. The week Andy contacted me, an organization I had recently joined sold my tele # to telemarketers and ALL FREAKIN' WEEK about 2-3 times a day I was getting solicitations on my work phone! So I was just going to cut to the chase. BAD MOVE. lol Needless to say I knew I really wanted Andy and Alanna to book me when I met them over coffee and Andy brought up the telemarketer fiasco yet again!

This life is too short to not laugh at yourself!!

Somewhere between Andy's dry wit and Alanna's complete femininity, they won we over heart and soul and I have the pleasure of photographing several shoots for them!

We started our shoot at Rice University and ended up at Agora's on Westheimer.
I felt like I was in Austin. ;)

Alanna is so girly and Andy, a soon-to-be big shot lawyer. For me, in so many words this shot pretty much sums that up.

TOO cute??
I think so.

I loaded my ol' Canon 35mm with some black and white film and shot a roll during the shoot. I'll admit, it was weird not having the instant gratification of a sneak peek.
I picked up my developed film this afternoon and realized just how awesome film is.
No editing required. ;)

Andy and Alanna, thank you for choosing me, amongst all the thousands of photographers! I love you two. Your wedding is going to be awesome! I can feel it in me bones...


Alanna said...

Thanks Carli. I love the pictures! You're the best! I definitely think you captured an everday putting on makeup while Andy is in deep thought. lol.

John said...

Great work C.. and a good looking couple!