Saturday, September 5

Avalon Salon's 1 Year Birthday Party!

My awesome hair and airbrush make-up artist Kelli Toal works at Avalon Salon on 6th St (referred to me by Ashley+Noah). She put in a good word for me to photograph the salon's 1-yr birthday party that took place at Lanai last Sunday. It was a blast!

After some ups and down over the past few years, the salon was placed in the hands of the incredible Sharon and has grown exponentially over the last year in so many ways! They're increasing their square footage and expanding their services and product lines... what a testimony to their incredible management!

I am so happy to be a small part of this and to have Kelli as my preferred make-up artist! Ladies, Kelli is my other-half during boudoir, she does your hair and makeup, if we shoot within ACL. She does a knock-out job and by the makeovers on the models this past Sunday night, it was obvious Avalon has some pretty talented gals overall:

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