Thursday, September 3

1 Yr Anniversary

How long have you been following the blog? A day? A week? A year? Then you'll remember Ashley and Noah's wedding almost a year ago to date! It was out at Vintage Villas and we had the privilege of photographing then their engagements, bridals and wedding. Now... their one year anniversary!

You are adorable!! Thanks, Noah for takin one for the team. ;)
Both of them have their own businesses and Ashley in cookin' up a second (which could work nicely for cross-promotion with inkedFingers!) so we'll keep you posted!

Thanks, Ashley and Noah for letting me be a part of your lives! For the record, I think that was my shortest couple shoot EVER. Not too shabby for the photos we got! It's definitely the subjects!!!

Have a fabulous week, Lovelies!

Be on the lookout. Here's what's to come:
Avalon Salon 1-yr Party!
Mike + Marie's Wedding
Jack + Nichole's Wedding

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Jessica Monnich said...

I LOVE that first shot! Nice use of flare!