Monday, September 7

Jack + Nichole | Sneaky Peeky!

I shot two weddings this weekend. This is the first time! The first in Houston on Saturday, the second in Austin on Sunday. I thought to myself after Jack and Nichole's exhausting wedding Saturday night "Surely, Mike and Marie's can't top this". But both were extravagantly beautifully, both flowed well and I am reminded how spoiled I am to be invited to such lavish parties with genuine people.

Without further adieu, Jack and Nichole's sneak peek cinema:
(Mike and Marie's soon!)

A big thank you to Eric and Alice from Serendipity Photography based out of Houston for tag-teaming this with us! You guys rock!


Cory Bean said...

I've enjoyed watching your videos and admiring your photography. I can't wait to see the final product from Jack & Nichole's wedding.

Cory Bean
Dynamic DJ Productions

carli {inkedfingers} said...

Cory, You did a PHENOMENAL job at Jack and Nichole's wedding dj-ing and lighting! As you can tell from the 30 second video alone it really makes the day! ;) I am happy to refer you and will give you a shout-out when I post a full-length video and more wedding photographs. ;) Thanks again! Great job!

Serendipity Photography said...

Hey Carli! Eric and I had so much fun shooting with you. Can't wait to see more pictures from the wedding! :)