Friday, September 18

Mike + Marie {Sneak Peek!}

Marie and your lovely bridesmaids... how FUNNY you are! How much FUN you had! It made me not want to put the camera down! ;)

And isn't it true, that the photograph really happens in between the 2 shots?

Mike and Marie's wedding was HOPPin. These are just a few that caught my eye while editing.

Oh beautiful Marie....

And what an incredible venue, Vista on Seward Hill, how magical it made the evening!

How elegant and classic and how much delight the evening held! Thank you, Mike and Marie for letting us be a part of your lives!! You are a beautiful couple and we're honored to share in your day! **More beautiful people to come!!**

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Rendog1977 said...

The photos are amazing. Looks like it was a good time. Looking forward to seeing more.