Saturday, September 26

Oh Emiliana. To be Free.

I just discovered Emiliana and I love her name. I love her childish voice. Maybe I'll name my daughter that... some day.

I opened the windows in my house wide wide open yesterday morning. With Emiliana playing loudly, it made the day just perfect for long boughts of cooking and album creation. I made soups, vanilla granola and squirrel and leaf-shaped doggie treats. When time permits, I really enjoy cooking. I feel like it is another art-form away from pixels and gigabytes. (Candra and Carisa, why can't you live closer so we can all cook together? ;)

With the onslaught of the New Year I am reminded...
Did you know the world was created for me? No... it was created for YOU. Nothing is stopping you. No one is holding you back. Did you know?

Dream BIG. Now is the time. Not tomorrow.
If you've been thinking about it, then you CAN do it.

Big jump. Don't worry about the fall.

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Anonymous said...

okay...i'll be right over...the fall is so romantic, so beautiful, so perfect a season, especially for cooking! :) hugs! c