Tuesday, September 15

Roadie, the Rescue Puppy

Roadie was so much fun to photograph! When I found out Kelli and her man Justin had just brought home a rescue puppy (Remember? Kelli is my preferred make-up artist!) it didn't take much coercing to convince Kelli to let me take photos!

I'll forever cherish the photos John and I took of our own pup Eliot when she was just a few weeks old! For those child-less mothers of us, our puppies become our children. Isn't that so true?

Look at that tail wag! There was another dog walking by and we had to restrain Roadie from pouncing! ;)

Definitely two of my favorites. ;)
How did Roadie get her name? Because she was walking along side of the road when the shelter found and picked her up! How cute is that?

She's already so well trained. ;) Kelli informed me that she just signed Roadie up for puppy classes... maybe when Roadie is a little bigger we can get Justin in there too. ;)

It was a lot of fun this morning, Kelli. Thank you!! You've got quite a cutie on your hands!!!

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Miss Jo said...

Oh my goodness!! My heart is officially melting - what a precious little furry face!!