Tuesday, September 29


This was the first roll of black and white film I've shot in months! It was crazy going back and forth between my nikon dslr and canon slr during Andy and Alanna's shoot... only because I couldn't peek at my photos on the canon! ha. (In fact, I even left my canon sitting in the grass at one point and freaked out moments later! Andy spotted it-- THANKS, Andy!)

But with only 24 photos shot I couldn't have been more excited to have them developed. I'd like to make it a goal to shoot one roll of film with every session from now on. Of course, Lovelies, you'll get the prints. And if you're anything like me there's more sense of accomplishment when I picked up this roll of film then after 20 hours of editing... because what you see is what I shot. It's the photos in the raw without ANY post processing required. That is an amazing feeling.

Speaking of going back to the basics, I got rid of my iphone, at least for the time being. I've been immensely blessed with business out the wazooo lately and lots of business = lots of busi-ness!! I would get so distracted checking my email, answering emails, listening to pandora, checking my facebook, etc etc. Because I have not yet mastered the discipline of owning the iphone without getting distracted by all of these things that, I've decided, do not enhance my life, I made the decision to 86 it. Yesterday was my first full day without it and to be honest...

I feel liberated.

Emails still get answered. I still get on facebook (when I have internet access). I still have my ipod to listen to great tunes. I made myself a good ol' pen and ink planner I can still correlate with Daylite on my macbook. My life is just a little more simplified. And with that, I'm gaining a little more peace of mind. That makes it all worth it, doesn't it?

I shall leave you with the opening quote of (one) of my journals which I just reread this morning which has nothing to do with the above, but is a great quote, nonetheless. Take it for what it means to you:

Do not separate yourself from the community.
Do not believe in yourself until the day you die.
Do not judge another until you have reached his place.

Have an incredible week!!!


Stacy Cross said...

Way to go! I felt super liberated when I got rid of my iPhone, too. Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing and lots of fun, but I love the idea of living simply and NOT being able to have the world at my finger (and visa versa) 24 hours a day. I want to breathe!

Anonymous said...

Hey so I told Corey about you getting rid of your iphone and then you call me for out address, so his comment. She would of had it if she still had her iphone. Gotta love your brother some times, and I mean some times. HaHa. Don't tell him I said that. Haven't commented lately on your photos, sorry been busy. But love the black & whites. Makes me want to get my Minolta SLR fixed, might have to sweet talk that brother of yours, along with continuing to sweetly beg oh I mean ask for my ipod. He can be difficult some times. Oh wait I think that runs in the family on both sides don't worry. Again love the new photos.

hanum said...

Great shot and nice quote. I like it ^_^