Tuesday, September 1


This is the clock
that shows the hour
that sits on the nightstand

next to the bed

where Kristin and Mark brought their baby girl into the world
on the dawn of the 1st day
of the ninth month.

This is the baby.
that Kristin carried.
for 41 weeks.
(or maybe more)

And these are the arms that adore her...

For the rest of my life I will live.
I was in the room
Where Kristin held her baby
For the first time.

is an honor.


Anonymous said...

absolute perfection & beauty...pure love!

Tami G. said...

Oooommyyyy goooodness!! I have perma-goosebumps!! How AMAZING is that? And the birth of fresh new life?! I can't say it enough... How awesome MY photographer is!! =)

kristin said...

It was an honor to have you with us, i still can't believe it's real! You are awesome Carli!

Milton said...

Great words to go with great pictures.