Friday, October 16

Engagements and The Twittering Fools

I finished up Andy and Alanna's engagements this afternoon and came across some others I really liked. They're nothing fancy, but good, solid shots. I applied a single Poser's Textures to all of them. I really like the muted colors.... and found it interesting how the same texture looked so different on 3 different images. What do you think?

As soon as I post this blog I'll be charging batteries and downloading remaining cards in preparation for our 4 shoots this weekend! Yiparoo! It sounds exhausting but I couldn't be any happier to have these 4 shoots all in row:
Anniversary shoots, with John+Bristi and Josh+Shanie
Boudoir (not tellin who!) and lastly
Day-after session with Selina and Ryan!

So get ready for some more blog-love in the coming days!

And in other news, I've joined the twittering fools! ha. Look me up! I can't promise I'll twitter often but it is interesting to see what all of buddies have to twitter about. Or wait. Tweet about, right? Or twat? whatever. Ciao!

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Alanna said...

Hey Carli! We love the engagement pics! I think the posers texture looks fabulous.