Monday, October 19

Joshua + Shanon | 1 Yr Anniv

Where to begin?
Shanon and Joshua and John and I became instant friends a year ago when we photographed their wedding out in Luckenbach.

We were ecstatic when they invited Johnny and I back out to their parents ranch in Fredericksburg for their anniversary shoot (to spend the weekend!) and all go to a concert in Luckenbach on the eve of their anniversary. After 4-wheeling, cattle herding and the likes, we managed to settle down for a few hours to shoot some incredible photos all over the ranch. What a magnificent evening...

Ironically, the same singer that was playing the night they met in Luckenbach, was playing the night of their anniversary....

More photos to come.

Happy Anniversary, Shanie and Josh!!! Loved spending time with you guys... ;)

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