Thursday, October 22

Memories of San Fran

I dug through one of my retired external hard drives last night and came across the photos from John and I's 1-yr anniv trip to San Fran. In our4 (or 5?) day stint in California one of the highlights included sailing the Bay. I love this photo... and terribly miss California.

On another note, I'm really looking forward to Rachelle and Marc's wedding this weekend at San Michele and then Chandra and Wes at Villa Anotonia the following weekend... only fantastical memories to be made.

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Anonymous said...

Every time I look at the photos from when I lived out in Cali and my trip to San Fran, I realize that I do miss it. Holly & I still talk about taking a road trip back out there. Look forward to seeing your newest shots. Hope you have a great weekend.