Wednesday, October 14

Mike + Marie | Wedding Cinema

Up to this point, every video I've made (which has only been a handful) have taken a few hours to compile. The music has sort of just come to me after I watched all of the footage we captured and the entire process was essentially smooth-flowing and effortless. I had the first 30 seconds of this video in my head since Johnny and I shot the wedding, but the rest remained a mystery... until I started getting down and dirty with it this morning. For some reason we had to rework it and rework it... So 5+ hours in passing and here it is. Our labor of love.

Just a note, John did all of the video at this wedding. Baby, let me be the first to say it: you rock!


Milton said...

John is getting really good at the videos. Awesome job! What is the title of that soft, romantic song that sounds like Regina Spektor? Leah loves that song! She loved the video too.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that you two are amazing. I am in complete awe and am so looking forward to next year. Great job John. Carli I love the video.