Sunday, November 8

Diary from New York: Day 2 Part 1

Nothing is more delightful then a pleasant conversation with a stranger.

Yesterday I met the only conservative [i swear] on wall street. In case you wonder: My heart is liberal. My head is conservative. This conservative and I just happened to sit at the same table, along with a handful of other disgruntled workers who were unable to get their offices because the NYPD blocked off Broadway entirely for several wide blocks due to the Yankees parade. I learned: don't be so much of an introvert to not share your table. Commonalities of the heart are very different from commonalities shared of the brain. A lukewarm latte over incredible conversation: How delightful.

I also met another architect [Renee's an architect] from the Austin area visiting NY, trying to get into Yale and when asked if I was in the architecture department as well [photographing architecture] I realized then just how much I enjoy portraits. Nope! I said. I really really love photographing people. When I said that, I shocked myself, because it hit me that after photographing seriously for the last 3-4 years I have found my niche. If you're a photographer just starting out, you wonder that. You wonder how long you're going to have to photograph everything before you see what just comes to you.

I'm thankful, of all things photographing a human soul brings me the most satisfaction.

But back to NYC. ;)

Thanks to Renee and Ramon, in just 3 days so far I feel pretty confident I've seen alll sides of this city. It's crazy how consistently inconsistent the City as a whole is: two blocks down you see one crowd and so-and-so type of food. And another two blocks down and you wonder if you're in a different city altogether! But that, I believe is also the beauty in this metropolis. The extreme diversity. Even in SanFran, from one neighborhood to the next I never forgot I was in one of the greatest cities in the US. In New York City, from the Upper East Side restaurants of Manhattan, to the East side of Brooklyn's artisan market, it's hard to comprehend so much is in so dense a space.

Which leads me to how every one gets around in this sprawl...

The Subway!!

So the story of yesterday goes something like this:

Renee and I woke up early Friday morning and went for coffee a few blocks from her work in downtown Manhattan. [YUM.] She gave me suggestions of where to go during the day, she went over the map a second, third, fourth time, we watched a street vendor outside of the coffee shop selling yankees gear.... then she bid me good luck and we parted ways with the hope of meeting up for lunch at our pre-determined location.

Simple enough! It was a glorious fall morning so what could go wrong?

How about this:

As soon as I started to walk south towards Ground Zero, the crowds started gathering. Once I heard the yankees parade would be starting in a couple of hours from several by-standers I thought: Screw my plans. Who wants to do those things when I can see a true NY PARADE!! So I walked thicker into the mass of chanting yankee and poised my camera for the action.

I made my way (excuse me-- elbowing/shoving/avoiding dirty looks) to 20 something feet from the parade and here is just how close I was packed in:

But all for the sake of the photo. All in the name of experience I'll tough out this sardine-can of an experience. It was highly comical!

Until I waited there... and waited... and the crowd towards the front was getting closer and denser... A girl 10 feet down from me peed in a cup, the crowd was so thick and so far reaching. Don't believe me? Call your NY friends who work in downtown Manny and ask them how crowded it was. ;) I asked someone the time. It was hardly 10:30AM. The parade didn't start for another hour and a half!!! My cell phone had no coverage. I was tired of being squished. No more fun for Carli. I elbowed my way back out the way I came and bee-lined for the nearest cafe. That is where I met my conservative friend.

And with it being close to 2:30AM I will finish my tale and tell you of the live reggae concert we jammed to tonight, tomorrow. ;)
Tomorrow, it's picnic at Central Park, the Met and converse-shopping. So go on! Get outta here!