Thursday, November 12

Diary of New York: The Met

This photo (first one below) was taken on the roof of the Met. I am shooting into the building, see Renee and I?
See that incredible sculpture and the city in the background? It's all pretty awesome, really...

The sun was setting and we raced to the top, going through the mirrored-lined hallway which was also pretty cool and confusing. ;)

We saw only 2 main exhibits at the Met before it was closing. It's huge!! Next time I'll have to bring Johnny and then we'll spend all day in the mid-century art and sculptures. I took the hallway pic just to make him jealous. He loves sculptures.

I'll post photos from our picnic in Central Park tomorrow!
We have so many shoots over the Thanksgiving weekend, we're gearing up.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to buy a few of these photos. Will have to talk to you. Look forward to seeing more from your trip. Of all the times going down there, I have never been to the Met. I really do need to get back. I think I am planning something for soon. Will have to see.